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Make it Loud is an annual event to raise money for Mental Health services in Canada. We've successfully hosted the event for 4 years now, and are looking forward to continue to host it for years to come. Make it Loud asks participants to make noise for mental health in fundraising for the cause, while challenging everyone to a fitness activity as a positive impact on their own mental health. 

In 2019, Noise hosted our first Make it Loud walk on September 22nd in Milton, ON in partnership with the Canadian Mental Health Association. Over 80 participants joined the 5K / 1K walk and we were so proud to see the excitement and enthusiasm from everyone who participated to make the day a success.  Through fundraising efforts leading up to the big day, we collectively raised  $3,973.00 for CMHA! 

In 2020, we were challenged with group gathering restrictions due to COVID-19. Instead of a single day event, we put together a fitness challenge for the month of September using the Nike Run Club app. Participants tracked their fitness progress under the group challenge of 300 KM for the month by walking, biking or running. Over 150 participants joined, and 3 participants even hit the intense goal for the month! Collectively we raised $9,465.00 for CMHA, which was almost double our goal. 

In 2021, we explored using a new platform to enhance the participants experience. Participants had access to create mini teams for themselves, friends, family and coworkers, post photos, and cheer each other on, all within the app. With 235 participants, we traveled 17,589 kilometres and raised $12,158.47 for CMHA! 

In 2022, we continued using the Atlas Go platform and had 203 participants, traveled 14,546 kilometres and raised $7,860.00 for CMHA!

As a result of the generous donations over the past 4 years, the donations have resulted in hundreds of free counselling sessions to the community members to help them improve their well-being and build positive coping strategies.

Looking forward to seeing what we all achieve in 2023!

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