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Noise began as our team name for a fundraising event in March 2018 that focused on mental health.  We were touched by the support we received from friends and family, and became inspired to continue promoting awareness beyond that one event.


Along this journey, we’re learning that so many of us are impacted by a mental health challenge - either your own, a family member, or friend.  By talking about this more openly, together we can end the stigma that prevents so many from seeking help, or acknowledging their struggles.

Together, we want to make More Noise by talking about mental health and self love. Through social media, hosting events, and participating in other local projects we are working together to make More Noise and awareness of mental health challenges so that you can better support yourself and your loved ones, and to ask for help when needed.


Now that you know a little about Noise, we want you to know more about the founders behind it. We are experts in our own life stories, in sharing them in an effort to help others and give hope. The co-founder of Noise struggled with mental health for 14 years while the second co-founder lost a loved one to suicide - we come from a place of true and pure love. 

We want to continue to Make it Loud together, and build a community around recognition and support for people that surround us. 

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